Helping You Find Confidence in What Your Body & Mind CAN Do

Opps, I forgot, who is me?!

My name is Danny Smith. I am a Personal Trainer Specialising in well-being, fitness and nutrition coaching in Carlisle for those who feel stress and anxiety in relation to/from any aspect of their health.  


Like a lot of people, I have experienced  anxiety and stress in the past. I continue to progress my body and mind in order lessen the impact these have on my life. This is how I can help you too.


I truly believe that you don't need to feel that either your body or mind are inadequate. Stress and anxiety don't need to become a problem in your life. Exercise, nutrition and mindfullness can help. These are the tools I use to help my clients. These are the tools I can use to help you too.


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You might feel like your body and/or mind are what's limiting you. Right now, you could be right. But it doesn't have to be like that forever.


You might be so anxious about how your body appears to other people that you limit yourself to the activities that you're comfortable doing. You might be so overcome with stress and anxiety that doing pretty much anything seems like a massive effort. You might even think that there's no point in even trying to change these things. What difference would it make anyway?


No matter what, looking after your body and mind better will totally make a difference! They might be causing these limitations right now, but you can use both as tools to push and breakthrough these limitations as well. It will take a touch of belief and a different approach, but it can be done.


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The first thing you can do is START. Start with just one small action that you know will help you be healthier. Go on, just one. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, momentum can quickly make it bigger. This is what I want to happen for you. This is how I can help.


You could start by contacting someone like me (or, in fact, me!). If you'd like to do this, the best way is to tell me how I can help by filling out a short form right HERE. I will get in contact after this. You don't have to do anything else except wait for a call/email!

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