Client Success

Every time a client achieves something awesome towards their goals (like these great bunch here) I am immensly pround of both them and myself. I believe that although a clients success is based on their choices and actions, this success is essentially down to my ability to provide the tools and methods for it to occur.


AS 6 Week 1

Abbie came to me the heaviest she had ever been. The photos show the difference that can be made in only 6 weeks. Her diet was aweful (i'm sure she would be ok to admit to this too!). So the main focus was using alternative healthier foods and  nutritional methods to find a sustainable way to sort it out. This reflected in further progress even after finishing training with me.  From start to finish the total weight loss was just short of 3 stone (12 to 9.4).

AS 6 Week 2


Jenny came to me 8 months after having twins through IVF. Even though she lived away, and most training was through online means, she was still able to achieve amazing results. I was able to give her an effective post-natal exercise routine and nutrition advice that she followed to the letter. The picture to the left shows Jenny from start to just 1 month. The one on the right shows 3 months of consistent effort. Also, after being told that natural conception was impossible, she's not pregnant with her third child! Amazing stuff!

JG 4 Week 1 JG 3 Month 2


EJ 4 Week

As you can see from the pictures Ems had a fairly distinctive post-natal figure. These pictures represent what a proper post-natal exercise program can do in just a 4 weeks. She had a very ill baby to look after during this time too, so didn't have massive amounts of time to commit to herself. But a simple routine during her limited 'me' time made a huge difference.

EJ 4 Week 2


SC 12 Week 1

When Sarah started training with me she was very unhappy with the slide her health and fitness had taken. Using alot of strength based training that she was more unaccustomed to, as well as awesome nutritional organisation strategies/planning, allowed her body to change slowely but drastically over this 12 week period. Her engagement in the process helped massively too. She always asked questions and posted often in my client Facebook group.

SC 12 Week 3


SB 12 Week 1

Senga signed up with fused vertebre in her lower back, as well as a wedding in mind. Not only did I help her with a stiff back & back pain, the wedding dress maker eventually told her that if she lost any more weight they'd have a big problem! This was a 16 week journey in total. After a slower start we eventually got the original goals smashed!

SB 12 Week 2


Lori 8 Week 1

Lori is another of my Post-Natal clients. She was the very first person who signed up to my Post-Natal Workshops after having her third child. This is a testemony to what difference can be made in just 8 weeks with the correct exercise programming and a small amount of attention to a healthier diet. With 3 children there's no way you can go all in, but just remember that part of the way in is still enough!

Lori 8 Week 2