“I feel so much better, fitter and my confidence has grown immensely.”

Janice Caryl,

Early Years Ofstead Inspector

“I would really recommend him to anyone wanting support in reaching their physical fitness, strength and/or weight goals or just some ideas on how to improve current workouts....if in any doubt about whether it is for you, give him a go.”

Louise Lamont,

Social Worker

“All the hard work has paid off, my fitness levels have improved so much. Also I've dropped 2 dress sizes and I feel happier, healthier and have more energy than I've done in years.”

Vanda Parkinson,

Child Minder

"Danny seemed - and later proved - to be a great choice on the journey. His sessions show sound rational and good experience as currently I feel the healthiest and I'm at the lowest weight I've been since my early twenties. My back issues have all but gone and I've rediscovered the joy of being able to wear clothes that fit well. My confidence levels have risen and the general feeling of well being is fantastic."

Stuart Maxwell,

Warehouse Manager

"When Danny offered me a free pt session I jumped at the chance (mainly cause it was free if I'm honest!). Anyway, after an initial consultation I went to my free session and loved it straight away. It was totally designed for ME and focused on the areas I'd discussed with Danny. I now consider my sessions to be necessity not luxury, as the change in my fitness, and attitude to exercise have both improved greatly. I've suffered from depression for many years and the improvement in this is a fantastic side effect. Danny as he is very approachable and not in the least intimidating, he is focused on me and my fitness for the entire time of my session. I would recommend him to anyone to help with motivation, fitness and new ideas for ways to train."

Karen Mattinson,

Yoga Instructor

"Danny is supportive, knowledgable and an all round good guy! He always pushes you, which ultimately makes you fitter and stronger, but he does so in a positive, encouraging way. No two workouts are the same, thus quashing any boredom you could feel if repeating sessions. Oh, and he has good craic!"

Sarah Carruthers,

Primary School Teacher


"So chuffed every time I go to Danny only been twice and I feel like myself again!"

Katia Minervini,

Teaching Assistant

I believe that these testimonials demonstrate the type of trainer (and person) that I am. If I sound like the kind of person you want helping you achieve things you never thought you could, then why not phone/message/email me on any of the methods in my contact page!

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"I was originally 12 stone a year agoand now i'm weighing in at 9 stone 4 pounds. Thank you so much for your workouts etc.

Abbie Sneddon,

Make Up Artist