How I Can Help You



I will focus mainly on resistance/strength based training during our sessions. The focus and awereness that training with weights provides is crutial in helping both your body and mind. I believe that this kind of training can transform you in ways that you might not even imagine!


There's no better way to realise what your body can do than to practice lifting things in several different ways. With strength training you're easily (and often) reminded of your progress, which is essential to motivate you and keep you going. It develops confidence in your body by focusing on its strength and ability to function, rather than just it's apperance. It can be geared towards any type of fitness goal too. I will manipulate it to fit what you want to get out of any exercise regime. I hope to show this to you within the exercise sessions themselves.


On a side note, I'm not against more cardio based activities at all. I just believe that this type of activity can be done in your own time. I will work with you to set up sessions and targets for these types of activity outside our sessions too!




Nutrition is essential in taking care of both your body and mind. For a lot of my clients I find keeping it simple helps massively.


Using nutritional habit based goals and tasks allows you to get success in quickly, and wins under your belt. From there it's easy to start believing that you CAN make a change happen. Using a mindful approach to nutrition is important. Looking at why you do what you do will help you break less constructive habits and change them for good. I am very much focused on your lasting change, rather than a quick fix.


You probably know most of WHAT you need to do in order to improve your nutrition. But it's the actual DOING that is most of the problem. That's where I can help the most.




I don't just want to help you with your exercise, nutrition, and physical fitness specific goals. I actually want to make your life better. A lot of things that are holding you back from this are in your mind.


Your body and mind should be tools you can use to improve your well-being, rather than hinder it and hold you back. So I am here to help you flip the script. I like to help you focus more on your successes through the process, rather than just the outcome. I've seen this create more satisfaction, fulfilment, enjoyment and feelings of well-being.


Being Mindful


Everything becomes much easier if you realise why you do what you do.  


Everything become much easier if you realise the impact that your thoughts and instincts have one you.


Being mindful involves using your consciousness and logic to understand both of these things. From there you can question the thoughts and actions that are leading you away from the goals that you have.


Being mindful also works well towards combating stress and anxiety, espcially with reagrds to your body. If you haven't got as many negative emotions effecting your actions everything becomes much more manageable. If the mind isn't on board with anything fitness related, than your overall goals will be much harder to achieve.


I have worked hard on mindfulness within my own life. I've worked on my own stresses, anxieties, short temper, and just my general view of the world to make it just that bit better to exist in. I'd love to help you do this too, especially when it comes to your fitness goals.

My current opening times for sessions are:

Monday 9am-9pm

Tuesday 9am-9pm

Wednesday OFF

Thursday 9am-9pm

Friday 9am-4pm

Saturday 8am-3pm