Below are a number of videos that I have recorded throughout my time as a PT, as well as descriptions of each. They are designed to help you take action towards your own goals. This is either through being motivational, inspirational, informative or through asking you questions about your own situation. These ones are not even scripted or edited in any way. These ones come straight from the heart and reflect my personal beliefs and mindset!

Mindset Videos

This is the story of my own transformation that got me from a nightmere job into personal training. This is the first video that I ever recorded! Do you need to get yourself out of a situation similar to this? I could help as this is exactly what Power Through Personal Training stands for.

'I have to do something about this' is a comment that I hear a lot. If you get to this point with anything don't be afraid to ask for help. It may not cost you as much, or be as scary as you think.

If you're holding back from asking for help you may be worried how much it would cost for this help, and to get the change you are looking for. Instead, the question you should  be asking yourself is 'what does it cost me not to change?'

I belive that New Year Resolutions encourage limited action that doesn't end up as lasting change. Try using life resolutions instead and be consistent!

During the festive period it's nice to celebrate, party and relax your normal routine a bit. But how does all this affect your ability to reach your goals? Sorry to be a party pooper!