Below are a number of videos that I have recorded throughout my time as a PT, as well as descriptions of each. They are designed to inform and help you in the topics of exercise & training.

Training Videos

                       Explaining a common myth that body fat may turn into muscle. IT DOESN'T!

Explaining that winging it will not help you progress with your fitness. Making a plan is essential for consistent change and improvements.


Explaining that 'toning' is a word that has been greatly misused in the fitness industry. It has become a misnomer to easily describe more complicated processes.


Explaining that exercise is a spectrum, not 2 distinct things. What exercise should you be doing to reach your physical goals? Change the way you think about different exercise modes and the answer may be easier than you think!


Explaining that working hard is working hard, no matter who you are or what you're doing. Something that's hard for one person may not be hard work for another.


Explaining the doing the same workout twice will not have the same effect on your body. Your body will be used to it and thus it will cause less of an adaptation or response from your body and burn less calories